Ethiopia çekirdek paketi


Ethiopia coffee fruit, which grows at a very high altitude of 1500-2700 meters in an area of approximately 4 thousand km2, which corresponds to an area larger than the area of TRNC, requires special care in order to grow it healthy. Ethiopian coffee, which belongs to the Arabica type, meets 3% of the world coffee market. In Ethiopia, which is known as the origin of the Arabica species, coffee forms an important part of the culture.

Ethiopia, the 5th largest coffee producer in the world, ranks first in Africa in this regard. Only half of the coffee produced in the country is exported, with small farmers providing most of the production. Beans prepared with completely natural methods are among the most consumed kernel types in the world. Coffee, which has a fruity and floral flavor, is one of the favorites of coffee lovers with its intense aroma.

Colombia çekirdek paketi


Just like Ethiopia, Columbia is an Arabica type of coffee bean. Columbia beans grown at an altitude of 1200-1800 meters in a fairly large area of 9,400 km2 are wet processed to be ground in small containers. Holding the title of being the world's largest producer of soaked coffee, Colombia ranks 2nd in the world in general ranking.

It grows in three different main regions, namely in the North, Central and South, and this geographical difference reveals various aromas and flavors that appeal to the tastes of coffee lovers. The beans grown in the North have chocolate and hazelnut notes, being less acidic compared to the others. The flavors revealed by the seeds in the Center are mostly fruit-based. The beans grown in the South, on the other hand, offer a different experience to coffee lovers by containing acidic and strong citrus flavors.

Honduras çekirdek paketi


Honduran coffee beans, which are very rich in mineral and nutritional value due to the altitude at which they are produced, are grown at an average altitude of 1000-1600 meters. Although the fermentation of this species, which grows in areas with quite rainy climates, is facilitated by precipitation, the drying process is seriously difficult.

This type of seed, which has different types according to the regions where it grows, therefore has different aromas. While the coffee produced in the Copan region contains a taste of chocolate aromas, the coffees grown in Montecillos have more fruity aromas. The beans grown in the Agalta region are considered suitable for consumption by coffee lovers at any time of the day with their caramel-like taste.

Nigaragua çekirdek paketi


Nicaragua, which has coffee production, which constitutes an important part of the country's economy, is one of the most prominent regions when it comes to fresh coffee. Coffee beans produced in pure and natural forms, completely free from chemical farming activities, are grown on small family farms. There are a wide variety of flavors in the country, which is called the elephant seed, which also hosts the largest seed species in the world, due to the regional differences in production.

It includes different processing methods called wet processing, dry processing and honey processing in which these two processing types are carried out jointly. These seeds, which have a low acidity but an intense taste, contain fruit, caramel, chocolate and citrus flavored varieties. With its balanced taste, it is considered to be the leading coffee of the Central American region according to true coffee lovers.

Guetemala çekirdek paketi


One of the reasons why Guatemala, which means 'Place of Trees', got this name, is its coffee. The region, which has a tropical climate, has a very rich variety of coffees due to abundant rainfall. In the region of Guatemala, known for its coffees processed with the wet processing method, intensely flavored coffee beans with high acidity values are grown due to the high humidity. Among the flavors that stand out are hazelnut and bitter cocoa.

This type, which can be preserved for a long time without any loss of freshness, is generally consumed by coffee lovers by filtering method. For these beans, the filtering method is the most optimal method in order to fully enjoy their flavor, since they contain a large amount of caffeine. In addition, this type of coffee is consumed for this purpose, as it is known to help speed up the metabolism.

Orta Kavrulmuş Türk Kahvesi çekirdek paketi

Medium Roasted Turkish Coffees

This type of Turkish coffee, which is indispensable for our culture, is one of the drinks that coffee lovers make into their daily routine with its soft drink and light taste. It is processed at the time when its aroma is most intense, and it is delivered to the maximum taste. It is also the type of coffee used by coffee lovers in order not to be left without fortune telling, with its light-colored grounds.

Koyu Kavrulmuş Türk Kahvesi çekirdek paketi

Dark Roasted Turkish Coffees

Contrary to popular belief, dark roasted Turkish Coffee, which contains less caffeine because it is roasted more, has become the most preferred coffee today, along with its traditional value.


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